Weekly and Overall Rankings

Results and Overall Rankings

The weekly ranking list is compiled following a few “virtual” adjustments. The average pace over your total distance is calculated and has then been used to calculate the time you would have taken to complete 5km. Usually the guys that run longer distances will have slower average paces which will then translate into a slower 5km time. Remember you’re free to run as far as you like in The Brookes Weekly Wednesday Run, but we’ll rank you on your 5km time.

The Kilojoule (Kj) Competition

Each week points or “kilojoules” ( we’re an Energy Company ) are awarded as follows:

• 1 Kj just for going out there and doing 5km

• 2Kj’s if you achieve a personal best. We’d like to see you keep trying to improve and when you do we’ll give you a few bonus Kj’s

• Up to 3 Kj’s for the overachievers among us and who go out and run “electrifying” times.

We’ve used the Boston Marathon Qualifying times as our benchmark and converted the required qualifying marathon pace to a 5km pace.

While there are different times required for men and women we’ve taken the average.

So if you’re 43 years the average pace required is 4min51 per km. Kj’s are awarded as follows: if you’re 10% better than your Boston Target you get 1 Kj. 20% better and you get 2 Kj’s. And if you shoot the lights out and are 30% better than your Boston Target you get 3 Kj’s

Check out the  Boston goal times HERE