Covid Chris

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“Covid Chris” African hand-made wire ornaments

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We did the loops in our gardens and now we wear the masks, practise social distancing and attend weddings and funerals on Zoom. Little did we realise when we watched Cyril say “My Fellow South Africans” for the first time that the surreal would become the real, and that four months after the novelty of our first few kitchen-laps the country really would be peaking. All indications from the rest of the world are that there is still a long way to go and the COVID-19 Global Pandemic is set to be the defining event of our generation. We WILL get through it, however long it takes, but its impact will be with us forever and we will never forget it. Check out COVID CHRIS, our typically South African piece of light-hearted memorabilia to remind us of the mad fun we had running around our homes, the challenges we overcame and the incredible personal achievements in the midst of the hardship. Best placed somewhere on the Home Circuit that we spent hours on but equally at home on a rearview mirror, keyring or kitchen ornament! Proudly South African and locally made, in support of some of our wonderful craftsmen who are just some of the many whose livelihoods have been decimated by the virus. #covidchris #staysafe #staysane #stayhealthy #keeprunning

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