Kilojoule Rewards Programme

The “Kilojoule”  Rewards programme has been created to motivate you to run consistently throughout the year. We also know that having a bit of “skin in the game” will add that extra bit of motivation that is so hard to find on a winter’s morning.

You’re going to need to go out and accumulate “Kilojoules” by participating in the events and challenges hosted by the Energy Lab Athletic Company and at the end of the year the Kilojoules that you managed to collect can be redeemed for cash or gear from the  Energy Lab Athletic Company shop.

It’s going to cost you less than the price of a couple of coffees…..which is a lot less than therapy.


How to earn Kilojoules

1) Go out and run each week’s Brooks Weekly Wednesday Run

You’ll earn:

1  x point for completing a Wednesday Run

2  x Points if that run happens to be your personal best for the year.

1 x  additional point if your pace was 10% faster than the Boston Marathon Qualifying pace for your age


2 x  additional points if your pace was 20% faster than the Boston Marathon Qualifying pace for your age


3 x additional points if your pace was  30% faster than the Boston Marathon Qualifying pace for your age

What are the Boston Qualifying Standards for my age?

Potentially a Hedgehog Run could earn you  6 points if you ran a personal best time for the year and your pace was 30% faster than the Boston Marathon qualifying pace for your age.

Read more about the Brooks Weekly Wednesday Run….….


2) Do one of the Monthly Distance Challenges

These challenges are joined by looking in the “Challenges” tab in the Energy Lab App. Pick a distance that suits your fitness levels and personal circumstances. For each monthly challenge that you complete you will earn 10 Kilojoules. You’ll earn a bonus 20 kilojoules if you successfully complete all 12 monthly challenges. They don’t all have to be the same distance. You can for example do the 200km in the summer months and then cut back a little in the winter. Whatever suits you. We just want you to keep ticking over.

Learn more about the Monthly Challenges


3) Do one of our Virtual Events

This year we will host the Equinox Marathon and Half Marathon in June and The Christmas Marathon and Half Marathon between Christmas and New year.  Completing these will earn you 2o Kilojoules per event (You CAN do both)


Redeeming Kilojoules

Your Kilojoules can be redeemed once the final Kilojoule standings have been tallied on last day of the annual Kilojoule cycle (31/12/2022).

The Kilojoules can be exchanged for gear  from the Energy Lab Athletic Company  shop OR exchanged for cash. The ZAR/Kj exchange rate is 2 to 1. In other words you can exchange each Kj for ZAR 2.00.

If you consistently get out there and crush your goals you could make your money back…..