With just over 6 months to go before the 2023 KAEM, Race Director, Russell Nugent will be out double checking routes and while he’s at it, scouting new routes for future events.

If you’re entered for this year’s event or thinking about signing up in the future, you’re welcome to join him at the first KAEM “Training Camp”. ( 11 -13 August ) It will be the perfect opportunity to get in a bit of quality training, test equipment and ask any questions you may have.

You’ll be doing 3 stages (including a night stage) on typical KAEM routes. Stage distances will be 25km, 30km (last 15km in the dark) and 28km. Don’t stress if you can’t manage the distances – you’re welcome to pull the pin at any stage and get a lift to the finish. It’s not a race – it’s more like a “Trail Tour”

You’ll be spending at least one night out under the stars in the Kalahari under a stretch tent, where you’ll need to prepare your own dinner and breakfast using only boiling water (just as you would in the KAEM).

We’ll be kind and won’t expect you to carry ALL your gear for the 3 days. All you’ll need to carry each day is what you’ll need for the day’s run. ie water and energy supplements. We’ll take your overnight gear to the camp.

If you want to join us or have any questions complete the form below and we’ll contact you


Venue: Kamkhirri ( https://khamkirri.co.za/) and Augrabies National Park

DATES: 11 – 13 August 2023

COST: R5500,00



  • Accommodation at Khamkirri and Veld Camp
  • Booze Cruise on Thursday Evening (Drinks on barge for own account) – River levels permitting
  • Breakfast at Khamkirri Friday and Saturday morning
  • Lunch at Falls (Friday) and Khamkhirri (Saturday and Sunday)
  • Dinners at Khamkirri (Thursday and Friday)
  • Entrance to the Augrabies Falls National Park and conservation fees
  • Commemorative Event Hoodie
  • Goody Bag
  • Professional Medical Support
  • Massage Service


Not included:

  • Drinks
  • Saturday Dinner and Sunday Breakfast at the Veld Camp – You will need to be self-sufficient at the veld camp. (To give you a small taste of what the Kalahari Augrabies Extreme Marathon is about)
  • Airport Shuttle Service from Upington Int Airport



Thursday 10th


16h00:             Arrive Khamkirri

17h30:             Booze Cruise (Sunset is at 18h00)

19h00:             Dinner at Khamkirri

19h45:             Race Briefing

20h00:             KAEM “round the fire” discussions



Stretch tent on lawn in front of luxury camp sites

Own sleeping bag and mattress!!


Friday 11th


07h30:             Breakfast at Khamikirri

08h30:             Transfer by Barge and Lorry/Bus to Falls

10h00:            Modified Klipspringer (30km) No Route markings – Self Navigation                                     routes will be available via plotaroute for download onto device.

13h00-16h00  Lunch at Augrabies

Visit falls while waiting for everyone to finish

16h30:             Transfer by barge/lorry back to Khamkirri

18h30:             Dinner at Khamkirri

19h30:             Run Briefing/Fines Meeting

20h00:             KAEM “round the fire” discussions



See Thursday above


Saturday 12th


08h00 Breakfast at Khamkirri

12h00: Lunch

13h00: Race briefing

15h00: Transport leaves for camp with runners’ bags

16h00: Night Stage 25km Walkers Start

17h00: Night Stage 25km Runners Start

20h00: Dinner



Stretch tent in veld camp (amphitheater)

Own sleeping bag and mattress – Gets cold!!

Facilities Boiling water and Fires



Sun 13th


07h00:             Breakfast at Veld camp (Self Sufficient) Boiling Water

07h30:             Walkers Start 20km

08h00:             Runners Start 20km

12h00:             “Lunch/Prize-Giving” at Khamkirri

13h00:             Go Home



Will I need to carry everything I need with me for the 3 days.

No.  This is a GENTLE introduction to self-supported multi-stage events.  All you need to carry on each day’s run will be your compulsory equipment nutrition and water and other compulsory equipment. You WON’T be needing a big 30 liter pack. A “smallish” hydration vest will be good enough.


Will the route be marked?

 No. You will be required to self-navigate. This will obviously mean that you need a GPS device to which you can upload a route and you’ll need to make sure you know how the darn things works. The routes will be available for download from plotaroute.com a week before the event.


Will there be aid stations?

Yes. There will be at least 1 aid station each day. The aid station will ONLY provide you with water to refill your bottles/hydration packs and medical support.


Do I have to complete the whole distance each day?

No – If your fitness levels are not where you’d like them to be you can get a lift to the end of the stage.


Will I be running at night? Will I need a headlamp?

Yes. Stage 2 starts late in the day, which means that you’ll be running the last few km’s in the dark. This obviously means that you’ll need a “proper” headlamp to find your way.


Where will I be sleeping? And what will I be needing

 At Khamkirri (Thursday and Friday nights) you will be sleeping on the lawn under a big stretch tent. Just like you’ll be doing at the KAEM. No bedding/mattresses will be provided. This means that you need to bring your own sleeping bag, mattress and pillow. It could get quite cold so make prepare accordingly. You will at least have access to the “luxury” of showers and bathrooms at Khamkirri.


Where will be sleeping on Saturday night

The night stage will be finishing out in the veld on Saturday night. you will be “roughing” it and sleeping on the ground under a stretch tent. All that will be provided (besides the stretch tent) will be boiling water and a few fires.


What do I need to bring for the night out in the veld?

Besides your bedding, you will need to bring your own eating utensils (plate, cup, knife and fork), toilet paper and/or wet wipes and food. Remember that all we’ll be providing will be boiling water.  You’ll need to bring food that you can prepare using these limited resources. We recommend freeze dried camping type food, oatso easy etc. You will need enough to cater for your dinner and breakfast.  We will transport your overnight gear to the veld camp, so you won’t need to carry it. There is however a small catch – everything you take for the evening will need to fit into a small draw-string bag, which we will provide for you. (At the KAEM you need to fit a whole week’s supplies in your pack

Compulsory Gear (Needs be to be carried with you each day)

2 L water

Nutritional needs for 30km

Cell phone

GPS capable of uploading a route

Space Blanket


Small mirror

Headlamp with new or fully charged batteries (needed for stage 2)