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The ENERGY LAB ATHLETIC COMPANY was founded in 2019 with the following


  • To INSPIRE and MOTIVATE members to participate in athletic activities of all types and distances
  • to CELEBRATE achievement at both individual and club level.
  • to at all time advance an INCLUSIVE and WELCOMING culture for all athletes regardless of race, religion, language, age or athletic ability.
  • to SHARE preparation, training and coaching advice.
  • to PROMOTE the physical and mental health and fitness of members.
  • to EXPLORE and ENJOY the countryside
  • to ORGANISE athletic events for the benefit of the community and to raise fund in support of the clubs charity the John Nugent Memorial Eyecare Foundation


All members when joining undertake to:

  • Strive at all time to realise the objectives of the club
  • Adhere to the rules of National Sport bodies when participating in sanctioned events
  • Not bring the club’s name into disrepute.
  • Be considerate of others’ needs at all times
  • Pay all fees due
  • Be lekker

Failure to adhere to any of the rules above may lead to expulsion.


  • Yearly Membership fee (Individuals): R250
  • Yearly Membership fee (Families): R500 (Mom, Dad and all children still living at home)
  • Club Shirt: R250 (Free when joining club for first time – T&C’s apply )
  • ASA licence: (Optional) R100 (Only available to Northern Cape residents) (


  • Reduced entry fees at all events (traditional and virtual) hosted by the ELAC
  • Club T-Shirt when first joining
  • Free use of the Energy Lab Activity Tracker App
  • Discounts from the ELAC partners

* 2021 ASA Technical Rules