Event Name
Virtual Challenge




Small Print:


  1. You’ll need to make your way virtually to all Johnson & Johnson facilities in Ireland. You have from Mid November until 31 December to finish it. Top tip – Don’t leave it all to the last week
  2. The distance needs to be covered under your own physical power. So basically anything goes – You can cover the distance on a treadmill in the pool out on the road, running/cycling whatever suits your circumstances and abilities.
  3. You’ll need to log your activities on Strava, (See below for more details)
  4. Leader boards will be updated daily.
  5. Medals and shirts will be dispatched within 8 weeks after the conclusion of the event.
  6. Any disputes or queries will be dealt with by the organisers and their decision will be final
  7. All participants will be expected to accept the waiver when signing up wherein they acknowledge that they are physically able to participate in the challenge and will not hold the organisers or their agents liable for any injury or death which may result from their participation in the the event.

Logging your Activities

1. Register on the Energy Lab Site https//energylabapp.com/login/

2. Sign up for a Strava Account (if you haven’t already done so)


Make sure that your “Privacy Settings” are such that “Everyone” can see your activities. Failing to do this will mean that your activities will not reflect on our leader boards

3. Link your Strava Account to your Energy Lab Profile

Sign into your Energy Lab Profile
Go to your “Account”
Click on the Strava Icon
Give Strava permission to share your activities with Energy Lab App

4. Log your activities by uploading to your Strava Profile as usual

You can do this by linking your activity tracking device (Garmin, Polar etc)


Logging your activity manually on Strava


5. NB Information for TEAMS

You’ll need to Sign up for a SEPARATE Strava Profile for you Team

a. In the space for the FIRST NAME enter your team’s name.

b. In the space for the LAST NAME just put a full stop

c. Select any random date for the DATE OF BIRTH

d. Any GENDER selection is acceptable

e. Opt for the free account – DO NOT take Strava up on their offer of a FREE TRIAL

f. Go to Privacy Settings and set them all to “EVERYONE” (VERY NB)

g. All the team members will need to Log their activities to the Team’s Strava Profile. I   know this is a schelp but there is unfortunately no way round this. Team Captains will obviously need to share the log in details with the team