In 2009 the United Nations declared the 18th of July (Nelson Mandela’s birthday) Mandela day in honor of a lifetime spent fighting social injustices. The Nelson Mandela Foundation has since invited the global community to dedicate 67 minutes of their time on Mandela Day to making the world a better place. Celebrating the idea that an individual has the ability to change the world.

This year the John Nugent Memorial Eyecare Foundation will be dedicating their efforts on Mandela Day to fighting preventable blindness. They’ll be hosting a screening day to screen for signs of keratoconus. (Read more about it here)

Help them in their efforts to make the world a better place by being part of the 67 minute challenge.









About the challenge

Go out on Nelson Mandela Day (18 July 2021)  and Cycle, Run, Walk, Paddle or Crawl as far as you can in 67 minutes. We’d like you to commit to covering at least 6.7 km but if 6.7 m is all you can manage that’s OK too. There will be great prizes up for grabs for those who cover the most distance in 67 minutes.

Your entry is going to cost you a  ZAR 67 donation. Medal and/or T-Shirt’s are available to celebrate your efforts with all proceeds helping to fund the JNM Eyecare Foundation’s screening programs. The clinical instruments  they need don’t come cheap, so every little bit helps. (Read more about their work and the equipment they need)

How it works:

Sign up for the challenge (ZAR 67 about €4) 

DOWNLOAD the Energy Lab Athletic Company ACTIVITY TRACKER APP from the iTunes App Store  or  Google Play Store for FREE. (You need to do this so that we can track your activity)

LINK your Strava account. You can also log your activities manually using the App if you’re not on Strava.

JOIN the MANDELA DAY CHALLENGE on the app (look under the “Challenges” Tab)

Cycle, Paddle, Run, Walk, or Crawl  for 67 minutes ANYTIME on  SUNDAY 18 JULY 2021 (get a few mates to join you) – We’d like you aim for at least 6.7km but see how far you can get. (Treadmills and Indoor Trainers are OK). There will be great prizes for those who cover the most distance in 67 minutes

LOG your activity on the App

SHARE PHOTOS  of your activities and achievements on our Facebook page

MEDALS AND T-SHIRTS will be shipped within 6 weeks after the events.