The Hedgehog Weekly Wednesday Wine Run

Don’t just be weekend warrior……


Research has shown that a midweek run followed by your favourite beverage and (occasionally) a burger is the key to lifelong health and happiness. (Source: The Energy Lab Research Group)


We’d like to see everyone consistently participate in this midweek activity. Therefore a unique “Show me the Finish Wine” range of medals gear is available to everyone who reach certain milestones (10, 25, 50 and 100 runs). These will be available for purchase from the Energy Lab Store


PROCEEDS from these sales will go to the JOHN NUGENT MEMORIAL EYECARE FOUNDATION, a registered non-profit organisation, that aims to help prevent blindness in the Northern Cape. R700 000 is needed to purchase the instruments that are needed to:

1) screen for preventable eye disease and

2) perform the procedures that preserve the vision


So not just are you working on your own health and fitness you’re helping someone with the gift of sight.  Read more about the John Nugent Memorial Foundation and the work its’s been doing.

Join us from (virtually) anywhere

Join us wherever you are in the world for the VIRTUAL WEDNESDAY WINE RUN

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JOIN the WEDNESDAY WINE RUN on the app (look under the “Challenges” Tab)

RUN or Walk 5km ANYTIME on a WEDNESDAY (Alone or get a few mates to join you) – Treadmills are OK

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