Monthly Distance Challenges

Our Distance Challenges are created to give you a goal to aim for. Pick a distance that suits your abilities and time constraints and then get going whenever and wherever.

There will be Energy Lab Athletic Company “Motion is Lotion” medals for sale in our shop for  each distance.

If you’ve signed up for the Energy Lab Kilojoule Rewards Programme you’ll be earning 10 Kilojoules for each distance challenge successfully completed and 20 bonus kilojoules if you complete all 12.

Learn more about the Kilojoule Rewards Programme


Getting Started



Download the Energy Lab Co App from the Apple App Store or from the Google Play Store  


Link the App with your Strava account if you want Strava to automatically share your run with us. Alternatively the App allows you to manually capture the details of your run.


Join the distance  challenge in the App (Look under the challeneges tab)


Go out and run whenever and wherever it suits you (Treadmills are OK).  When you’re done  open the app and click on the “Log an activity” button.



If you’ve linked your Strava account, you can click on the Strava tab and your activity will get pushed through by Strava. Otherwise you’ll need to enter the details of your activity manually.