• Successfully complete the challenge and we’ll refund your sign-up fee


  • We’ll pay you a share of all the fees forfeited by everyone who didn’t finish the challenge


How to join in:

  • Fund your Power Bank (Energy Lab Wallet) by purchasing Kilojoules (The Energy Lab Athletic Company Currency) from the Energy Lab Shop. (Link at Bottom of Page)
  • Join a challenge from in the ENERGY LAB APP The Kilojoules required to join the challenge will be debited from  your Power Bank. (The number of Kilojoules required to participate will vary from challenge to challenge and will be indicated in the app)
  • Go out and successfully complete the challenge and get all your Kilojoules credited to your Power Bank, PLUS your share of the Kilojoules lost by all those who failed to complete the challenge.
  • Fail to complete the challenge and you forfeit your Kilojoules which will be distributed equally amongst the participants who were able to complete the challenge
  • You have the option of redeeming your Kilojoules for cash at any stage by having them converted into ZAR’s (1 Kj = ZAR 1) and paid into your bank account….OR  you could leave them in your Power Bank and use them for the next challenge.
  • Successfully complete several challenges and you could have a nice amount “saved” to spend on your Christmas Holiday or to enter one of your “bucket list” races (who said you can’t store energy)
    • Knowing that skipping a workout is costing you money is going to be all the motivation you need to get up get dressed and get moving.
    • And then there’s the probability that you’ll be making money for getting the job done.