Founder – Russell Nugent


is a VIRTUAL ATHLETIC CLUB organising VIRTUAL EVENTS. A virtual event (we don’t like calling them races because that implies winners and losers) are just like the traditional events you’re acquainted with. You’ll sign up for the event, you complete the distance, you’ll be entitled to a finishers medal, you’ll be able to be able to buy race gear. The only difference is that you get to choose when and where you do it.

The ENERGY LAB ATHLETIC COMPANY was established by Russell Nugent to help motivate his friends to keep running through the difficult winter months in his hometown of Upington in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa.

They started out by organising group runs on some of the fun trails around Upington. Something that quickly became obvious was that everybody wanted to take part, unfortunately individual schedules wouldn’t allow. Many folks were missing out on the being able to share their “war stories” and successes.

Virtual runs seemed like the answer. Run where and when you like, yet still be able to share your experiences and successes with the rest of the group via the many social media platforms.

As experienced runners we believe that while its essential to have a long-term goal for your running, this goal can often seem like an impossibly long way off. Whether it be to complete your first parkrun without walking, or to finish a 100 mile trail run or to lose 20kg, we know how easy it is to lose focus and our motivation to suffer. Especially during the dark, cold winter months. We know that the key to keeping our eye on the prize lies in having several goals that are attainable in the short term and that contribute to realising the LT goal.

Check out the events we have scheduled for the year and sign up for one that suits appeals to you. To participate in the event is FREE, but if you’d like to receive a finishers medal and other cool race swag then select these options when signing up. All proceeds go towards benefitting the JOHN NUGENT MEMORIAL EYECARE FOUNDATION.

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Address: PO Box 28,
Upington, Northern Cape